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Study God's word from your own home

Thank you for joining in on our Online Bible School teaching that is Edifying, Equipping, and Empowering in Christ. 


Capernwray Australia’s Online Bible School exists to provide a quality Christ-centred teaching where each individual is taught and nurtured in the Word of God. Our goal is teaching Scripture so that participants will know God, their relationship to Him and the reality of the risen, indwelling Christ in their lives.

Though this is a just taste of what it's like to be immersed in our programs, we hope it’s a foretaste that will encourage you to come and experience our full program of journeying with Christ in Bible, Discipleship, and Mission here in Australia. 

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Get to know your lecturers here!

Peter Thomas

Book of Daniel; Lessons in Job

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Peter is former Principal and Director of Capernwray Australia. He was Director of Capernwray New Zealand for 25 years, and is still a regular lecturer both on site, and in churches in the wider community.


Katrina Goode


Katrina is former Ministries Coordinator and Pastoral Dean of Capernwray Australia. She is originally from Tennessee in the United States.

Craig Millowick.jpg

Craig Millowick

John 13-17

Craig is a Baptist pastor at H2One Church in South Australia, and former student at Capernwray Australia.


Stuart Batterham

2 Timothy

Stuart is a past staff member and current Board member. He has also trained and served as a Baptist minister.


Neil Bernard

Life of David

Neil is a Queensland Baptist Pastor who has an itinerant ministry. He preaches every Sunday in various churches, teaches ethnic students.


Stewart Bogle


Stewart is a former Capernwray Australia staff member, and runs the non-profit group "Australians Together"

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